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coloredleaves's Journal

falling from the tree, starting to fade ...
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g r a p h i c s.

welcome! you've fortunately/unfortunately stumbled upon my graphics community. here you will again be able to see my works. i decided to open up another comm and return to making stuffs after almost a couple of months break because i rly have the big love for it and i think i can't just quit ;)

The Maker
s o b i e r u.

i've worked for different graphics community with different people yet i think this time, i'll be trying to make the comm last for a long time alone. unlike how i use to do things, i'll be updating this comm according to my mood/how often i'll be liking to do graphics so i wouldn't get tired/think of quitting again xD. shall there be a problem around here (which i doubt), feel free to send me a message.
u n m o d e r a t e d.

the community will be members only but posts will be public for two days. the membership is unmoderated like what was said up there so yea, simply click this to join

& l i n k s.

stylesheet: ohcodey.
profile codes: palebird.
other comm links: resources. awards
lj sister's graphics: colorsprings.
if you want to be an affiliate, go here